Dupus Boomer's

Dupus Boomer's

About the Artist

The creator of the Dupus Boomer’s name and character is artist and author R.E. (Dick) Donnell who was born April 16, 1911, in San Francisco California. As a youth he attended art school and began to develop his cartooning style by drawing a weekly feature during the late 1920’s for the San Francisco Shopping News. His drawing ability and characteristic dry
humor were traits inherited from his father, James E. Donnell. Dick enjoyed cartooning as a personal hobby, creating all of the Dupus Boomer’s cartoons in his spare time.

Hired as an employment supervisor for Dupont U.S.A., in May 1943, Dick arrived in Richland, Washington soon after the government project broke ground. He lived in a local Men’s dormitory until family housing was available. By September 1944, he was able to relocate his family. He and his wife, Zola, put down roots and raised two sons in the Southeastern Washington desert community.

Dick worked at Hanford for more than 33 years, retiring as Manager of Union Relations for Douglas United Nuclear in 1977. A few years later, he and Zola moved to Oregon. He died January 17, 1989, yet the legacy of Donnell’s talent continues to emerge in each successive generation.

Dupus Boomer is the main character of Donnell’s artwork. He lived in Richland, WA, but that in itself doesn't identify him, as there are quite a number of characters living in Richland. He has been at Hanford Works since early 1943, but so have many others, so that isn't what makes him a character. Sixteen months after his arrival he finally succeeded in getting a prefab assigned to him. He spent the next year getting used to it. After he had settled down as much as possible he decided to get acquainted with his neighbors –all of ‘em. On November 29, 1945, he appeared simultaneously on practically every doorstep in Richland, WA, with that week’s issue of the Richland Villager, Richland’s local newspaper at the time. Since then he has retuned to the homes of his friends at least once a week. Everyone in Richland, WA. agrees on one thing, Dupus Boomer is really a character.